“Friends are as companions on a journey, who ought to aid each other to preserve in the road to a happier life.”

- Pythagoras

Dr. T. James Kimble LCPC, DCCDr. T. James Kimble DCC, LCPC

Child and Family Counseling
1122 S Dixie Hwy
Radcliff, KY 40160
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“With God’s Help, One Seed of Pain Can Grow A Garden Full of Purpose”

Your Best Life Now Counseling

As a Pastor, Dr. Kimble recognizes the unique challenges families experiencing traumatic life issues are facing with ever increasing regularity. Understanding traditional systems of care often compound challenging life issues and access to high quality family systems of care. Your Best Life Now Counseling is Joshua’s Friends response, to provide a unique and distinctively Christian Counseling Model yielding proven and dependable results for families and children experiencing traumatic life issues, as well as daily stressors. The Kimble’s are dedicated to meeting every counselee where they are, at their point of need, empowering each person to learn, live, and lead life beyond the chronically stressful cares of modern life.

Integrating creative-design approaches, equipping counselees with the rational self- counseling skills, capable of empowering positive life changes engaging you to live your best life now. For this reason we believe every family deserves access to the most meaningful and exceptional counseling experiences possible. That’s why our multi-integrated, solution-focused approaches are built on team concepts based on over 20 years of Pastoral Care experiences and Licensed Clinical Pastoral Models. Creating experiential outcomes consistent with our empowering wellness model and individual goal actualizations, fostering positive life changes.

In fact, with our Transformational Family Systems of Care, many families experiencing trauma concerns have reported positive improvements; sometimes within a few visits to our Community Life Dream Center. We believe results are due to our comprehensive faith-based initiatives that include, Temperament Counseling Assessments, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Interventions, and our very own behavioral management system called Moments with Micah; designed by Dr. T James Kimble for children with challenging behavior concerns.

Thus, our counseling models continue to build and implement trauma-informed response systems capable of engaging families to experience compassionate, Christ-centered, community care. And our ongoing commitment to educating and equipping families with innovative experiences places us in a unique position to provide exceptional counseling solutions; accessible and available from our community and through extended community partnerships.

“It’s Time For Your Best Life Now”