“I always get to where I am going by walking away from where I have been.”

- Winnie the Pooh

Empower Individual Wellness

We live in traumatizing times and no one is exempt from life experiences capable of creating emotional paralysis. Often times, individuals become “stuck” and find themselves in a behavioral rut, where they continually act in ways that are hurtful to themselves and others. Left unaddressed, these behaviors becomes patterns and over time they can cause dis-ease making us feel out of step with everything that’s occurring in and around us. Commonly, our own inappropriate thoughts and feelings, or our attempt to live by someone else’s expectations and values, compound the problem perpetuating internal pressures that can cause: anger, anxiety, depression, resentment, regret, shame, guilt, and feelings of inadequacy. Over time, these painful feelings, if left unaddressed, can become emotionally debilitating and rob us of the internal resources necessary for practicing healthy self-discovery, and finding meaning in our lives.

Thankfully, empowering wellness models of counseling provide, postponed judgement for understanding, environments where clarification and understanding actually uncover painful experiences; causing internal turmoil and disrupting interpersonal relationships. This is not a managing illness model that attempts to control your hurts and pains over prolonged periods, rather; a pastoral care approach that provides the kind of soul care that is complementary to an ongoing progressive healing process. Wellness models of care allow us to accept ownership and take responsibility, embracing the truth about what is being allowed to hurt us, moving us forward in a meaningful manner that builds confidence to make positive changes.

This process cultivates a rational self-counseling skill set capable of undoing past hurts, increasing levels of self-awareness, and discovering and implementing positive changes that move individuals from a place of hurtful inaction to places of meaningful action. This process provides a very specific tool set, within creation-design environments, allowing counselees to confidently become their own best counselor and embark on a journey to start living their best life now, thus becoming all the person they were created in Christ to be.

Wellness Models of Counseling Provide:

  • Discovering Life’s Meaning
  • Growing Relationally
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Addressing Core Issues
  • Building Self Counseling Skills
  • Solution-Focused Outcomes
  • Trauma Informed Models of Care
  • Timely Results

“It’s Time For Your Best Life Now”